Tony Domish has had such a successful, he is not considered an industry expert in a number of criminal justice areas, especially with regard to community policing, but also in the areas of emergency management and identity theft. Besides serving several communities in the state of Washington as a police officer and a law enforcement specialist, Anthony Domish has also served his communities in other ways. He also has played active roles with many civic organizations, including stints on the boards for several of them. For example, it is his commitment to community service that motivated Tony Domish to become a proud donor and sponsor for Washington Special Olympics, as well as for the Make a Wish Foundation and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, among others.

Anthony Domish has also worked with several law enforcement agencies to set up elaborate programs for youth and community members, to the point that he has received several awards in these areas. With well over two decades as a police officer, working in several jurisdictions throughout the state of Washington, he also has risen through the ranks to become the chief of police in several of them.