Anthony Domish has had a long and very important career as a police officer, with his law enforcement experience covering more than a quarter century now. Throughout his time as a police officer, he served and protected many municipalities; he even became a police chief in several jurisdictions. That is likely why he is considered something of an industry expert in such specialties as community policing, emergency management and identity theft. Tony Domish has worked with several law enforcement agencies to set up programs for youth and community members and why he has received several distinguished awards in these areas.

Overall, Anthony Domish has compiled more than 4000 hours of specialized law enforcement post academy training, which makes him highly qualified in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement. Tony holds a certification from the Criminal Justice Training Commission First level, as well as certifications in middle management and as an executive. In all, Anthony Domish has been very active in the law enforcement community throughout the state of Washington and for many years.

In addition to his certifications, Tony Domish also holds professional memberships in the International Association of Police Chiefs and the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs, as well as the Yakima County Police Chief Association, the Snohomish County Police Chief Association and many others. These days, Anthony Domish lives and works in Ferry County, Washington, even though he was born and raised in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, where he graduated from O’Dea High School. Since then, he’s added extensive study of Criminal Justice and Public Administration to his portfolio, as well as diplomas from the Washington State Criminal Justice Reserve Officer Academy and the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic law Enforcement Academy.