While Tony Domish was actually born and raised in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, where he attended O’Dea High School, his career in law enforcement took hold hundreds of miles away, on the other side of Washington state. Anthony Domish can point to a long and distinguished career as a police officer over the years, going back more than two decades.

Throughout his quarter-century career in law enforcement, Anthony Domish has protected and served several municipalities and he was even a police chief in a few. There are reasons why Tony is seen by many as something as an industry expert in a number of areas in the criminal justice space. he is a specialist in community policing, emergency management and identity theft among others.His experience has included establishing new programs to better serve youth and community members for several law enforcement agencies. He has set up so many such programs, so it is no wonder Tony Domish he has received several distinguished awards over the years.

To date, Anthony Domish has compiled more than 4000 hours of specialized law enforcement post academy training, so he is enormously qualified in the fields of criminal justice and law enforcement. Of course, that was only the beginning of his education, as Anthony Domish also graduated from both the Washington State Criminal Justice Reserve Officer Academy and the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic law Enforcement Academy. Following graduation from the police academy. Tony went on to study Criminal Justice and Public Administration.

These days, Tony Domish lives and works in Ferry County, Washington, where he loves to fish in the state’s many rivers and lakes, including Lake Curlew in Republic, Washington, where he likes to think of himself as a bit of a fishing expert.